Dr. Vinson Disanto

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Dr. Vinson Disanto, Miami

Dr. Vinson Disanto D.O., Ph.D., CCN, CAFCI, BBEC

Dr. Vinson Disanto as a Board Certified Family Practice physician for over twenty years, he showed tremendous promise in the field of medicine. Dr. Disanto attended the University of Pennsylvania‖s Philadelphia College of Pharmacy and Science in his junior and senior year of high school.

Dr. Vinson Disanto holds Board Certification in Clinical Nutrition and Anti-Aging Medicine. He is also a Doctor of Oriental Medicine and the associated complementary  integrative disciplines.

Furthering his interest in the Integrative Practice field, and disciplines which complement understanding the many contributors to the health condition, he is a Building Biology Environmental Consultant (environmental medicine specialist); and highly trained in Chelation Therapy, Functional Medicine, and Bariatric Medicine.

Dr. Vinson Disanto served our country through the Air National Guard branch of the military for eight years, and is the former Chief Medical Officer of the Federal Bureau of Prisons, continually installing and upgrading infectious disease, surveillance and management programs.

Dr. Disanto  also served as a member of the Task Force for Emergency Preparedness for the 1996 Olympic Games (FEMA). Dr. Vinson Di Santo continues to practice both conventional and alternative medicine with a focus in Systems Biology and Lifestyle Medicine.

He is an active board member and practicing medical executive for several national healthcare delivery organizations as well as a private consultant.