PIP Implant Removal in Miami

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Have you been a part of the unfortunate PIP implant scam? Many were affected adversely because of the PIP implant scam. The PIP implant scam was one of the biggest breast implant scam. If you are completely unaware of it, then the PIP implant scam involved women getting silicone breast implants that were not of good quality. Usually, the silicone gel used in the breast implants is specially made of high quality. The silicone filler is not dangerous and even in case of implant rupture, the body will absorb the silicone harmlessly. But in the case of PIP implants, a very low, industrial grade silicone was used which is harmful. But you can get those implants removed with the help of our plastic surgeons in Miami.

PIP Implant Removal in Miami 

You can check whether you have PIP implant or not with our qualified breast implant doctors if you have no idea what kind of implants were used. Our breast augmentation surgeons in Miami will use the safest methods for PIP Implant Removal in Miami . They can remove PIP implants as not only the filler but even the shell was made of low grade silicone. Our plastic surgeons in Miami will not only help in PIP Implant Removal in Miami , but if you want they can replace them with newer and more authentic breast implants. You will get all the details about the breast augmentation in Miami and fees from our surgeons who will give you the best breast implants surgical experience in Miami.