Lipo 360 in Miami, Florida at Affordable Cost

Liposuction 360 Degree by Miami's Leading Plastic Surgeon

Lipo 360 Miami (360 Lipo) is the liposuction surgery technique performed throughout the stomach, love handles and back. For example, If a patient undergoes liposuction procedure around waist, hips and abdomen then it is considered as lipo 360 or 360 lipo.

Lipo 360 Miami
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Benefits of 360 Liposuction (Lipo 360), Miami

3 Big Benefits of Lipo 360 at Spectrum Aesthetics, Miami

  • Lipo 360 Creates Balanced Curves

Because Lipo 360 addresses your entire torso, including your abs, waist, hips and back, results more focus on final proportions rather than total amount of fat extracted.

  • 360 Lipo Includes Liposculpture

Lipsuction alone just removed fat. The Liposculpture that's used in Lipo 360 not only extracts fat cells, but actually reshapes remaining fatty deposits for a smoother, more streamlined silhouette.

  • Complements Additional Procedures

Lipo 360 degree is commonly paired with a Brazilian Butt Lift to enhance your BBL results and accentuate that coveted hourglass shape.

The main advantage of Lipo 360 procedure includes a leaner, smoot, and more proportionate abdomen, flanks, and lower back.  Before prescribing a Lipo 360 procedure, our plastic surgeons evaluate the patient’s physique, body curves to get aesthetically pleasing results.

Lipo 360 Miami

Good candidate for the Lipo 360

Spectrum Aesthetics, Miami provides free online consultation / photo evaluation with our plastic surgeons to find out if you are a good candidate or not for the Lipo 360 procedure. Please note that Lipo 360 is not a weight loss procedure. Our plastic surgeon at Spectrum Aesthetics, Miami uses 360 Lipo as a method of reducing and sculpting stubborn excess fat.

BMI requirement for Lipo 360

To get Lipo360 performed at Spectrum Aesthetics, Miami  the candidate should have the Body Mass Index (BMI) below 32.

How much does a Lipo 360 cost?

Cost of Lipo 360 is starting from $2500 with our board certified plastic surgeons in Miami, Florida. It is an ongoing special 360 lipo promotion offer without anaesthesia cost.

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