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Breast Augmentation (Breast Implants) in Miami, Florida

Get Breast Augmentation in Miami, Florida with saline and silicone (gel) breast implants at affordable cost with our board certified and experienced plastic surgeons to enhance or enlargement of the breast size .

Would you like to improve your self-image with an enhanced breast size? Do you think that your current breast cup size could be larger? Do your small breast size make you feel and appear less confident and less attractive?
Breast Augmentation at Spectrum Aesthetics, Miami is the optimum breast enhancement solution in this regard, and therefore, is the most popular choice.

Breast Augmentation Cost $2200 in Miami, Florida

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Best Breast Implants Surgeon in Miami, Florida

World-class plastic surgeons and surgical specialists, spearheaded by Dr. Mel Ortega are providing some of the best breast enlargement surgery results at Spectrum Aesthetics, Miami. Our experienced board-certified plastic surgeons are experts in making clients breast look and feel more attractive. Our surgeons use the best saline and silicone breast implants and also utilize the safest, state-of-the-art breast augmentation procedure techniques to further ensure a positive surgical experience and a long-lasting outcome.

Breast Implants Before and After Photo

breast implants in Miami
breast implants in Miami
breast implants in Miami

Quality of Breast Implant products

In order to achieve such outstanding breast augmentation results, our plastic surgeons at Spectrum Aesthetics incorporate only the highest quality breast implant products. Prior to the completion of boob job procedure, our specialists inform our clients about the full benefits of breast augmentation. As a consequence, our surgical procedures result in natural looking breasts, which further increases the level of satisfaction of our clients and their individual degree of self-confidence.

Breast Implants / Breast Augmentation at Spectrum Aesthetics, Miami

For breast augmentation or breast enlargement procedure, our surgical specialists are able to custom design the look that each client desires in terms of the shape and size of the breast implants as well as the resulting, enhanced look. They also take into account the body structure of the client in order to further ensure that the client will be most pleased with the outcome of breast augmentation surgery. Dr. Ortega and our team of plastic surgeons provides a comprehensive, inclusive, procedural experience that begins with a personal, confidential consultation and continues through the client’s post-surgical period of convalescence.

Surgical and clinical support staff at Spectrum Aesthetics, also possesses extensive experience in surgical recovery. Our commitment and focus related to each aspect of the surgical experience culminates in the total satisfaction of our clients 

Dr. Mel Ortega Explains Your Breast Augmentation at Spectrum Aesthetics, Miami:

When considering breast augmentation one of the most critical decisions that you are going to have to make is whether you place the breast implant over the muscle or under the muscle.

The truth is that there are advantages and disadvantage for doing this, and I would like to discuss those with you.

The advantage of placing the breast implants over the muscle is that in some patients they prefer a very unnatural or obviously augmented look. By setting the implant over the muscle you can really define the sharp edges of the implant to create a very obviously implanted look. Beyond that, the advantages of going over the muscle can come in terms of preserving the strength of the pectoralis muscle.
For some patients who are professional weight lifters who may want to ensure that they are maintaining 100% of their power then placing the implants over the muscle keeps their ability to bench press at the highest weight. Finally there are some patients for whom their anatomy dictates that it going over the muscle is a better choice. For example, if they had a previous breast augmentation under the muscle that scared the muscle significantly or they had a severe capsular contraction. For such patients sometimes switching the location on the implant can be helpful. In addition there are patients for whom breast tissue takes on a little bit of a different shape and for them using the implant over the muscle can allow the implant to better define a round shaped breast that they may be looking for.
The advantages to be going over the muscle are multiple, by going under the muscle we find first of all that we have the lowest infection rates possible. We discover that we have the lowest rates of capsular lot of construction possible that is to say that the implants and most likely stay softer if they are placed under the muscle. Besides, by having that layer of between that outside world and the implant, we create a situation that it is much more difficult to feel the implant itself so that the breast might feel more natural. And perhaps, more importantly, the breast will look much more natural because you will not see the distinct edges of the implant.

There are some fundamental questions that you need to ask yourself when you are considering breast augmentation surgery. That kind of decision you do not really want to be making as it is a snap decision. On an average most people that are having a breast augmentation surgery will often be thinking for at least about a year to a year and a half. In that time there are usually doing all the research that you can find out what’s size of implants they need to have what position they have to have this implant in . How big the breast implant is, the type of implant they want and in that time it’s best to have the most information as possible.

One other thing is that you need to have a look at the type of look that you are aiming for. To some people, it is a natural athletic look, and for other people, it might be trying to have a most boosted look, and for some people the restoration of their breast shape after they might’ve had children and lost a lot of weight.
The second thing is to be aware of the procedures. Your friends might’ve had because everyone is different and whoever you choose to wind up having the procedure with for your breast augmentation they need to treat you like you are a new individual. Make sure that your doctor take into account what are your breast augmentation desires are but also where you are coming from. If you have broader shoulders or even a bigger frame you can easily have a more significant sort of implant the same can be said if you have a smaller or petite frame, or athletic frame. You have to be careful with the breast implants size. The final thing you need to worry about is choosing the right size of breast implants and the plastic surgeon for your breast augmentation. Now when you select your surgeon it is very critical that you choose somebody with qualities and qualifications.

How do you pick your new breast augmentation cup size?

Breast augmentation depends on the patient’s desires regarding their cup size that they would like to end up with and to what the surgeon feels he can fit into the person’s chest if the breast tissues are very tight. You’re going to have some limitations on the size that you might be able to fit in, and clinical experience is what dictates how you decide the volume. Anybody can ask for a certain size, but it doesn’t mean necessarily that you’ll be able to fit that size into that person. So your clinical experience helps to guide you decide how much we’ll be ready to be put in. And if you can achieve that person’s desired outcome, the actual volume of CCS is something that the patients frequently want to determine that they don’t understand the issues of looseness of the tissues and whether or not they will be stretchable enough to insert that size implant and therefore get a good result.
So they are dependent on the physician’s experience to guide them into the size implant that they could put at that time.
I hope my answers have been helpful to you if you have any other questions regarding this matter or other topics, please feel free to contact us.

You need a Breast lift or a Breast Augmentation?

Well patients themselves are very skeptical and most of the time not understanding that they need a lift instead of a breast augmentation.

Most patients don’t want to do the lift.

But the surgeon on evaluation will be able to determine, and it’s the relationship of the nipple with their breasts for him to decide. It’s also known as basically where the breast hangs off with the chest.

If the nipple is significantly below that level, then the patient will need of breast lift. In this case no matter what a breast augmentation alone will frequently not correct that.

And if it’s way less than that if the nipple is just barely at that level of the infant mammary fall sometimes they can get away with it only doing breast augmentation, and that will perform a sort of internal lifting for them.

Benefits of Breast Augmentation Procedure

Breast Implant surgery is one of the most popular, female cosmetic procedure across America. Clients are looking to experience the following benefits of breast augmentation surgery:

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  • Enhance breast size through implants
  • Correct any unevenness that exists in terms of breast size
  • Able to look better in clothes, including brassieres and swimwear
  • Restore pre-childbirth, breast volume that is lost during pregnancy, breastfeeding, and/or fluctuations in body weight
  • Take advantage of the implementation of the very latest in breast implant technology. It allows for a more natural look and feel for the client, and
  • Enjoy greater degrees of self-confidence and vitality based on their new looks

Key considerations in breast augmentation is the implant selection process.

Important Characteristics of breast augmentation procedure

  • Size of breast implant from 100 cc to 800 cc
  • Shape of implant, including  round, contoured, and tear drop
  • Profile of implant, including low, moderate, high, and moderate plus, and
  • Fill material of the breast implant, including  saline water and memory gel

Shape, Size and Volume of Breast Implants

The selection of a particular shape of implant is based on the look that the client is seeking to achieve. Feedback from patient tends to indicate that gel breast implants offer the most realistic feel. Silicone implants are filled prior to surgery, therefore require a slightly larger incision for insertion than saline. Smooth and textured shells of saline implants provide a beautiful shape to the breast.

Y decision on the shape and size of the breast implant influences both the treatment options that are recommended as well as the final results. Surgeons use insertion either behind the breast tissue, or under the chest muscles for breast implants, .

Method of breast implant insertion and positioning:

These are the following positions in order to minimize the appearance of any resulting scar tissue:

  • In the underarm region
  • Surrounding the areola
  • Underneath the breast mass
  • Through the naval

The method of breast implant insertion and positioning depends upon client preferences and surgical recommendations. The breast enhancement surgery takes approx 2 hours to complete. It facilitates rapid recovery that generally results in minimal bleeding and scarring. A patient can return to work in approximately 3 days.

What is the cost of Breast Augmentation or Breast Implants in Miami?

$2200 for breast augmentation with saline breast implants (all inclusive price).

The total cost of breast augmentation is $2200 (all inclusive) with saline breast implants. Breast augmentation cost depends on the types of breast implants: Saline is less expensive than Silicone. Our regular price of breast augmentation with silicone (gel) breast implants is $3300. This breast enlargement or boob job cost includes physician cost, surgery room cost, anesthesia, anesthesiologist, labs, surgical garment and 1 year of follow up visits.
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What to do after breast augmentation surgery?

After breast implants surgery, a patient has to apply bandages to protect the chest area. A tube that is inserted in order to facilitate the draining of any expected, temporary fluid discharge. A follow-up appointment is scheduled for approximately 48 hours after breast augmentation surgery. This appointment is in order to complete the routine removal of bandages, dressings, and draining tubes.

Healing Process After Breast Augmentation Surgery

After serious consideration of breast augmentation, the next step for is to schedule a consultation with one of our doctor. In doing so, our surgeon will be able to better identify any areas that show chance for improvement. Then they discuss with the client in order to realize the safest, most effective route to a satisfying breast outcome.

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Are you interested in Breast Augmentation?

If you are interested in exploring the breast augmentation procedure and breast implants with our Dr. in Miami, please schedule a complimentary appointment to visit us. If breast augmentation surgery may be the right choice, our surgeons and support staff are able to assist clients in achieving desired results.