thigh lift miami

The thigh lift surgery is rather simple, and presents minimal risks. Typically, the thigh lift surgical procedure is an outpatient procedure. However, if requested or necessary it can be performed in-house to allow patients a night’s stay in the hospital for overnight observation. General or local anesthesia is all that is required for the thigh lift surgery, and patients will feel nothing more than a slight discomfort during the process.

The procedure itself involves a small incision along the thigh, followed by the removal of excess fat and skin. This can be performed using liposuction around the afflicted areas. Following the removal, the incision will be closed, sutured, and cleaned. The procedure takes about four hours to complete, but the results should be immediately noticeable. Not only will the procedure help remove fat deposits and excess skin, the tightening of the skin can even remove troublesome cellulite.

 Liposuction (Lipo) at Spectrum Aesthetics, Miami is a very easy way of suctioning out unwanted fat from your body.
Use of technically-varied liposuction (lipoplasty) procedures is readily available at Spectrum Aesthetics, Miami. One such procedure, such as the tumescent liposuction technique, prescribes that fat be injected out of the area that needs to be treated, which is a relatively easy procedure.

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