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Note: Dr. Orlando Llorente doesn’t work here anymore

Note: Dr. Orlando Llorente doesn’t work here anymore

Dr. Orlando Llorente – 16 Years of Experience

Dr. Orlando LlorenteDr. Orlando Llorente, MD is one of our highly awarded board certified plastic surgeon. He has received such honors as Health grades Honor Roll. Dr. Llorente graduated from the prestigious Howard University College of Medicine in Washington D.C. and is a highly experienced and educated Plastic Surgeon.

Dr. Llorente has multiple specialties, and is an exact model of the level of excellence we look for in our surgeons. His most notable specialties include Breast Augmentation and Tummy Tucks.

Dr. Orlando Llorente – Education & Training

Before graduating from Howard University College of Medicine in Washington D.C. in 1999, Dr. Orlando Llorente attended such recognized undergraduate schools as Barry University School of Graduate Studies and the University of Miami College of Arts and Sciences. Following his graduation, he remained an intern at New York’s Presbyterian Hospital Weil Cornell Medical Center, one of the most prestigious hospitals in the country. Finishing his time as an intern, Llorente went onto finish his residency first at the Washington Hospital Center until 2003, and then at the University of Missouri in 2007. Lastly, he attended Northwestern University as a fellowship hospital until 2008.

Throughout his education and career, Dr. Llorente has been recognized multiple times for his outstanding work in the field of plastic surgery.

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Below are just a few of Dr. Orlando Llorente, MD’s most notable awards & recognitions:

Awards & Recognitions

  • Recognition from the Health grades Honor Roll
  • Recognition from the Dow & Clive O Calendar Fellowship in 1997
  • Awarded with the Dr. M Wharton Young Prize in 1999
  • Awarded the Dr W Montague Cobb Prize for Excellence in Anatomy in 1999
  • Recognition from the Roche-Robinson Fellowship in 1998
  • Awarded the Mcgraw-Hill Book Award in 1996
  • Awarded the Dr J Gregory Memorial Award in 1997
  • Awarded the Howard University Trustee Scholarship in 1999
  • Recognition from the Alpha Omega Alpha National Honor Medical Society in 1998
  • Awarded the Department of Pharmacology Award in 1999
  • Awarded the Merck Manual Award in 1999
  • Recognition from the University of Missouri Hospitals and Clinics in 2003
  • Awarded the Dr Luther D. Robinson Award in Psychiatry in 1997
  • Awarded the Granady Award for Excellence in Medicine in 1999

As a specialist, Dr. Llorente focuses on similar procedures in the plastic surgery field. Below are the procedures he now performs at our Spectrum Aesthetics, Miami facility.

Procedures Performed:

  • Tummy Tucks (aka Abdominoplasties)
  • Eyelid Surgery (aka Blepharoplasty)
  • BotoxInjections
  • CollagenInjections
  • HylaformInjections
  • Restylane Injections
  • Breast Augmentation
  • Breast Reconstruction Surgery
  • Carpal Tunnel Correction
  • Excision Of Skin Lesions
  • Facelifts
  • Facial Reconstructive Surgery
  • Skin Treatments (eg; Laser Skin Resurfacing)
  • Calf Implants
  • Liposuction
  • Cosmetic Surgery Of The Face, Neck, and Trunk

Dr. Orlando Llorente is a valued member of our surgical staff. He has held numerous prestigious positions throughout his well decorated career. If you have questions about Dr. Orlando Llorente, MD or about any of our other available doctors, please call so we can answer your questions as best as we can.

Dr. Orlando Llorente
Dr. Orlando Llorente's Picture

Dr. Orlando Llorente, Plastic surgeon is a valued member of Spectrum Aesthetics surgical staff. He has held numerous prestigious positions throughout his well decorated career.

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