You are eager to get a beautiful body. And now thanks to plastic surgeries it is possible. Those who have only dreamed of getting those lovely curves can actually have them. All you need to do is find out your nearest surgeon. He will tell you all about breast implants. Also if you do a little bit of research, you will find a lot of information on a number of websites. However, everything depends only on the suggestion and discretion of your doctor. Only your doctor will give you the right advice. It’s not a crime to be well informed, but mostly, your doctor should have the final say in this. After all, you do not want your implants to deflate, ripple or leak. And also, you want them to look as natural as possible. So what will make them look well contoured?

The doctor will help you in choosing the right shape and size. It is your job to carefully see what you look good in. There are two types of shapes involved in surgical breast implants. They are called round and anatomical/teardrop shaped implants.

Round implants

This should be pretty self explanatory. Round implants are round in shape. They are available in both the textures i.e. smooth and textured. They are a lot safer to use because, the shape is retained and not changed, even if the implant displaces a little. There is a debate over the artificial v/s fake look. Some women think that round implants give a fuller look to the breasts and if the surgeon is well experienced, it will give a natural look. Although some women have the notion that round implants will give an artificial look to their body, especially if they have a petite figure. But again, it should be decided by the doctor.

Anatomical/teardrop implants

They are teardrop or oval shaped implants. The lower portion of the implant has more surface area and volume than the upper portion. They are more commonly used for breast reconstruction than breast augmentation. These implants are used to give a more natural look to the user. But often, it may move within the breast pocket after surgery which will cause asymmetry and visible displacement.

This depends on how experienced the doctor is and where does he place the incisions. It is difficult to confirm what kind of shape is more often used by surgeons. Every person has a different body and a different need. Thus, you should communicate well with your doctor about every aspect involved in implants.

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