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No one likes the skin problems caused by ageing? Loose skin, frowning lines definitely makes a person look atleast 5 years older to his/her actual age. Dysport is one good way of bidding farewell to frown lines and crow’s feet. What, exactly is Dysport? Often called as the baby sister Botox, it is an injectable treatment for combating the problems of ageing like wrinkles. In March 2009, this treatment type formulating the same neurotoxin received a formal approval from FDA of the United States of America. Since, the spring season 2009, Dysport is widespreadly used across the globe to relax facial folds and wrinkle lines. Similar to Botox, its baby sister treatment is used for treating neuromuscular disorders and was originally developed in early 1990s.

How does the injectable treatment of Dysport works?

The procedure involves injecting the neurotoxin directly into the muscles which cause facial folds or the wrinkles. Also, the injection immobilizes the muscles temporarily and precisely targets the glabullar muscles. Remember, how the little crease lines are developed, when we frown. The glabullar muscles are the real blamable factor for those creases.

As compared to Botox, during the Dysport treatment the neurotoxin diffuses a bit farther. Considering the statistics, Botox infuses to 1 cm, whereas the injected Dysport diffuses to 1-3 centimeters compared to Botox’s one centimeter. As it offers better diffusion which implies that the person undergoing cosmetic treatment has to bear lesser number of injections. Also, it demands a highly skilled or well-versed health professional to take care of this treatment. That’s why it is best for dysport to be applied by a doctor.

How much, exactly does a Dysport treatment cost in Miami?

When it comes to cosmetic treatments, there is no such term called generic pricing. The definition of best priced dysport treatment changes from place to place.  The best priced dysport in Miami can range from $100-$1500. The cost of this treatment relies on:

  • The problem area which needs treatment, is it the texture of the skin or laugh lines or age spots and so on…
  • You fall into which age group, 20-30 or 31-40 or 41-50 or 51-60.
  • Where do you live, are there enough specialized doctors to execute this treatment. 

Is the result temporary or permanent?

Averagely, after 3 days of the treatment, people experience the expected change. Whereas, some may take upto 5 days to experience the result.  Truth be told, of all the micronutrients protein breaks down very slowly. Compared to Botox, its baby sister treatment contain much lesser amount of protein, which means it can stay put for much longer time. The longevity of Dysport treatment varies from one person to another, but averagely, the results can stay put for 13 months.

What is better Botox or Dysportt?

Undoubtedly, the Dysport treatment is more effective and beneficial because :

  • Lesser no. of injections
  • Economical as the no. injections or no. of sittings will be less
  • FDA approved
  • Longer lasting
  • Assurance of specialist

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