Over the years our skin especially the face has blemishes and wrinkles that are difficult to hide, we use appropriate makeup or creams , sunscreen, natural treatments and other options is very complicated disappear them. Unfortunately this affects our self-esteem, and we do not feel comfortable, to look in a mirror.

For this great problem today we have a very simple treatment , practice that is employed in cosmetic center , called Juvederm is a dermal compound that contains a substance called hyaluronic usually found in areas of the body such as skin, tendons and muscles and is legally approved by FDA that can treat moderate or severe wrinkles . This natural supplement increases the elasticity in the skin, which we obtain wonderful results as a smooth and soft skin, and best without using techniques that can get irritability.
In most patients the effect lasts up to nine months or even longer, after this period the compound is absorbed by the body naturally.

Generally there are no side effects, and a few people have swelling, bruising. It is a very simple technique but you always choose aesthetic centers with health and hygiene standards for you if you want to have this procedure.

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