Liposuction Miami $1500* Only

Special Offer – Liposuction Cost $1500* Only

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Liposuction at Spectrum Aesthetics, Miami

Any individual, who is deemed as being in good health, should be able to undergo liposuction procedures safely. Our experienced and skilled plastic surgeons, including Dr. Ortega, are ultimately responsible in assisting patients in achieving desired results as stipulated. Consequently, our surgical professionals will pursue all plausible options in order to ensure that clients are able to liposuction with safety and ease.

What is the cost of liposuction (lipo) procedure?

$1500 for liposuction or lipo procedure with our board certified plastic surgeon in Miami.

The cost of liposuction is starting from $1500 with our board certified plastic surgeons. It is an ongoing special lipo promotion offer and anesthesia cost is not included.

Liposuction Procedure at Spectrum Aesthetics for Out of Town patients

Spectrum Aesthetics isn’t just for locals looking to revamp their beach bodies. We cater to visitors and tourist from out-of-state and out of the country. Approx 90% of our patients are from out-of-town. We are well-equipped with the high-quality recovery houses necessary to cater patients who don’t live in Miami. Patient’s comfort and recovery is our prime focus. Due to our commitment to our patient’s welfare that we’ve become the number one practitioner for those visiting. After experiencing our plastic surgery services, you will find yourself visiting Miami just for Spectrum Aesthetics!