In the world of plastic surgeries today, everything that is wrong with your body can be corrected. However small or big the part may be, the plastic surgery will make you look beautiful in a jiffy. If you are one of such people who think that a onetime plastic surgery will be enough to get you an entry into a beauty pageant then, you are probably wrong. The surgeries are performed most meticulously by the qualified surgeons, but you might need to visit again for a correction surgery. The doctors try to be as perfect as they can be, but things may go wrong sometimes.

Yet another breast surgery is the breast revision or the breast reconstruction surgery. Sometimes one may have to undergo it immediately. In case of an implant rupture, displacement or a capsular contracture, the person may have to go for a breast revision surgery again. Also, in the cases of implant deflation, where the implant loses the volume overtime, a breast revision surgery is required. After an initial surgery of breast augmentation, a person may desire to increase the size and reshape the breasts. This also calls for a breast reconstruction. But if you are mistaken that only those who have gone under breast augmentation require a breast reconstruction then, that is not the case. Changes in breast tissue that occur after aging or pregnancies can also be corrected with breast reconstruction surgery. There are some other causes like desire to reduce implants size, visible rippling of the implants and symnastia. Symnastia is when two breasts or implants are in close contact with each other in the mid chest line. In layman’s terms, we call this the cleavage.

Breast reconstruction is like any other surgery done by using local anaesthesia and sedatives. And if you have already experienced breast augmentation surgery, then this would be almost the same. The recovery process is comparatively quick and there may be some minor inflammation and infection. You should be up and running in about a week, or as predetermined by your surgeon.

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