There are a number of breast surgeries that we have heard about. Mostly, it is breast augmentation or breast lifting. They are very common and are used by women with smaller bust size. But there is a different surgery that has not gained limelight. It is talked about less often. The breast reduction surgery is also equally important these days. Women who think that big breast size is everything they need to look attractive then, they are wrong. A good bust size does look good and add to your sex appeal. But it is not everything. An abnormally high breast size can cause a lot of problems as well.

The condition of having abnormally large breasts is called macromastia or gigantomastia. Normally, heavy breasts lead to increased sagging among women. Besides that, women may experience other physical problems as well. It will result in breathing impairments, acute pain in neck, shoulders and also poor blood flow. A woman with this condition requires going for breast reduction as it hampers the day to day physical activities. Reduction surgery will help her regain her overall health. The causes of macromastia are age, childbirths, breastfeeding, habits, heredity of breast cancer and medication side effects.

Different breast reduction techniques are used by the surgeon depending upon the amount of reduction required. Sometimes, a liposuction would suffice if only medium amount needs to be reduced. There are no major complications involved in the surgery. There is no need to worry if the doctor is very well trained and a known practitioner. This surgery is necessary to restore not only physical but also mental health. A lot of times a woman may feel awkward and withdraw herself from all the social activities. This may lead to trauma and depression. After the surgery, the person may come back to normal routine in less than a week. This depends on the surgeon. You will have to go for checkups at regular intervals as decided by your doctor to monitor your recovery process.

There are very few cases of post operative complications. A person may suffer from a minor infection or hematoma. There may be a slight loss of sensation around nipples but mostly, the patients are able to lead a very normal life.

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