Celebrities are known for a lot of things, and one of them is plastic surgery. We have heard a lot about them but why is it exactly called a ‘plastic’ surgery? It is called plastic because you are adding, removing or adjusting a part of your body artificially. We have often come across names like nose job, face lift, breast implants etc. But they are far more than what their names suggest. Breast surgeries involve implants, revision, reduction, lifting etc. Here we will deal with breast augmentation which is also one kind of surgery.  Lot of women go for breast augmentation these days. Many get confused about breast implants and breast augmentation. Augmentation is a different procedure and the purpose also differs. Women who have lost the shape of their breasts after aging, child birth often go for augmenting. Even after losing or gaining weight, one tends to lose out on the shape and size of their breasts. Augmentation will give your breasts more fuller look. Obviously there are a few things that one needs to understand before going for a surgery. But due to progressing technologies, plastic surgeries have become a tad safe than what they were earlier. They have also eased up on the time taken for performing the surgery and also for recovering.

What are the things involved in breast augmentation surgery? Like any surgery, an initial medical check up is obviously involved here. The plastic surgeon that you have opted will most likely ask your medical history to monitor the further proceedings. It is important to know before beginning any kind of surgery about any past health concerns like allergies, recurring infections etc.  Remember to tell your doctor about any weight loss and weight gain regimes that you are currently undergoing. The doctor will, probably, suggest you to wait until your body returns to normal state. Also inform him about your pregnancy plans and past pregnancies. Don’t forget to mention the slightest of things to your surgeon. Tell him about your eating habits and lifestyle in general. If you are confused about what exactly your doctor wants to know, ask him without hesitating. So look at the list here that will help in a better communication with the doctor.

This was what you needed to know before going for a breast augmentation. There are a few more things that the hospital authorities will need to do. They will have to examine your breasts very carefully. You might experience some amount of awkwardness as the surgeon may take photographs of your breasts for figuring out the incisions, size and shape of your breasts. Remember, this is essential to do as the surgeon needs to check the quality of your skin and only then he will be able to decide the material that can be used for the surgery. So there is no need to be awkward especially if you know that the hospital is approved and well known for successful surgical implants.

Women are generally tensed about the day of surgery. Gone are the days where you would be taken on a stretcher, surrounded by a horde of masked people around you. The surgical procedure is way too advanced these days and thus, there is no need to be scared. The surgery will take a few hours as informed by your doctor. You will be administered local anesthesia and some sedatives as the surgeon performs the operation. Once you are done with the surgery, your breasts would have to be kept covered in specialized dressings as provided by the hospital authorities. You may be discharged a few hours after the surgery is done unless something else has been decided by your surgeon. The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic surgery recommends a competent caregiver is present all the time to look after the person. The removal of dressings and further check up shall be continued on the advice of your plastic surgeon.

Breast Augmentation in Miami / Breast Implants in Miami

This article provides a very basic explanation for those who are interested in breast augmentation in Miami or Breast Implants in Miami. You should look up our website to know about best plastic surgeons in Miami and   about Breast Augmentation Surgery in Miami. Remember to see whether the surgeon is an official and authentic practitioner as recommended by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

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