Although breast implants surgeries have been on the rise for the past few years, there have been cases of dissatisfaction among users. How much ever one tries to, a doctor may only be able to perform a near perfect surgery. Things do tend to go wrong at times and this may require removal of implants. And recently, things have gone terribly wrong with users who had PIP implants. The scandal came into limelight when women who underwent breast augmentation were provided with substandard industrial grade silicone gel implants. These implants cause rupturing which consequently lead to inflammation and infection. Although the trial has begun, those with PIP implants can still get their implants removed, if they haven’t already.

Even normal implants can be removed at times. This is a known fact that surgical procedures on breasts hinder early detection of malignant, cancerous tumours. But FDA also recommends that removal of silicone implants poses a higher possibility of danger. Very obvious reason would be the silicone gel that has ruptured out of the implant may not be completely removed even after removing the implant. Lot of women are scared of implant removal thinking that their self esteem and pride would go away with the breasts. But that is not the case. If the breast implants are recurrently rupturing or capsular contracture then it is best to remove the implants. Your doctor may suggest that you can go for newer implants again. Although the fact that silicone remaining in your body may scare you, know that it is not yet proven that silicone is directly related to cancer.

Another part that is related to breast surgeries is mastectomy. Although it is not related to implants, it is still an important part of breast surgeries. Mastectomy is surgically removing one or both breasts due to cancer or other diseases related to connective tissues. The surgeon will decide according to the intensity of the disease.

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